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Stocks with high institutional ownership: PrivateBancorp Inc (PVTB), AMN Healthcare Services, Inc. (AHS), Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD), Newfield Exploration (NFX)

Institutional Ownership is a situation in which a company’s majority shareholder or sole owner is an institutional investor such as a mutual fund, insurance company, closed-end investment company, or something else. Institutional ownership is ownership of a company’s stock by mutual funds, pension funds, and other institutional investors, generally expressed…

Stocks with high institutional ownership: HCP, (HCP), Tractor Supply Company (TSCO), Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD), Praxair, (PX)

Institutional investors are playing an increasingly important role in global capital markets. However, the extent to which institutional investors’ stock selection costs and efforts are transformed into superior stock selection remains an important and open research question for both practitioners and academic researchers. While there is already a large body…