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Stocks with high institutional ownership: PMC-Sierra (PMCS), Campus Crest Communities (CCG), Diebold (DBD), Weight Watchers International (WTW)

Institutional ownership refers to the ownership stake in a company that is held by large financial organizations, pension funds or endowments. Institutions generally purchase large blocks of a company’s outstanding shares and can exert considerable influence upon its management.

Although many companies — particularly large, blue-chip firms — have thousands of individual stockholders, a select few of those owners will often hold the majority of the shares. These large institutional traders are typically well funded and routinely accumulate millions of shares of a single stock. Examples of institutional owners include corporate pension funds, college endowments, insurance companies, commercial banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and boutique asset management firms that invest money for wealthy clients. On any given day, institutions usually account for the vast majority of the trading volume on major exchanges such as the NYSE and Nasdaq.

Weight Watchers International, Inc. (NYSE:WTW) institutional ownership was 94%. The stock has the market capitalization of $ 796.50M while it’s 57.22M shares were outstanding. The price to sale ratio was 0.61. Net profit margin of the company was 5.00 % while operating profit margin as 17.20 %. Stock volatility for the month was 7.34 % while for the week was 11.06 %.

With91% institutional stake, PMC-Sierra Inc (NASDAQ:PMCS) has the market capitalization of $ 2.27B while its 193.42M shares were outstanding. The company offers 1.20 % sales in prior five years. Net profit margin of corporation was 0.70 %. Shares of company were moving above of 50 days simple moving average with 65.30 % while 200 days simple moving average with 40.13 %.

Campus Crest Communities Inc (NYSE:CCG ) institutional ownership is held at 91%. The company has the market capitalization of $ 417.64M. Its EPS was -2.53 while outstanding shares of the company were 64.75M. The Company’s  gross profit margin was 56.00%. The company earned $-162.70Min prior twelve months on revenue of $143.00M.

Diebold Inc (NYSE:DBD) has the market capitalization of $ 2.33B while 64.97M shares were outstanding. Beta factor, which is used to measure risk associated with the stock, was 1.29 Return on equity was booked as 16.00 % while return on assets was 3.50 %. The stock’s institutional ownership stands at 95%.