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Stocks with high institutional ownership: Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:M), Aon Plc (NYSE:AON), Praxair, Inc. (NYSE:PX), Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM)

Institutional investors are playing an increasingly important role in global capital markets. However, the extent to which institutional investors’ stock selection costs and efforts are transformed into superior stock selection remains an important and open research question for both practitioners and academic researchers. While there is already a large body of literature on this issue, the results have been mixed.

Investors use stock ownership information to augment research and to understand the affect these institutions can have on the price of a share of stock.  Large institutions can own enough stock to single-handedly drive the price of the security either up or down.  By analyzing stock ownership information, it’s possible to gain a better understanding of the opportunities for that movement to occur in a stock’s price.  For example, a stock with a relatively large proportion of their shares held by institutional owners may be more volatile.  This attribute would also be reflected in the stock’s beta.  Some investors view these relatively rapid swings in stock price as a risk they’d prefer to avoid.

Macy’s, Inc. (NYSE:M) institutional ownership was 92%. The stock has the market capitalization of $ 19.26B while it’s 330.98M shares were outstanding. The price to sale ratio was 0.69. Net profit margin of the company was 5.10 % while operating profit margin as 9.70 %. Stock volatility for the month was 2.34 % while for the week was 1.82 %.

With90% institutional stake, Aon Plc (NYSE:AON) has the market capitalization of $ 25.57B while its 280.04M shares were outstanding. The company offers 9.70 % sales in prior five years. Net profit margin of corporation was 10.80 %. Shares of company were moving below of 50 days simple moving average with -7.36 % while 200 days simple moving average with -6.44 %.

Praxair, Inc. (NYSE:PX) institutional ownership is held at 90% while inside ownership was 0.10 %. The company has the market capitalization of $ 30.01B. Its EPS was 5.13 while outstanding shares of the company were 286.47M. The Company’s Net profit margin was 12.90 % while gross profit margin was 44.00 %. The company earned $ 1.50B in prior twelve months on revenue of $ 11.63B.

Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM) has the market capitalization of $ 12.35B while 191.51M shares were outstanding. Beta factor, which is used to measure risk associated with the stock, was 0.68. Return on equity was booked as 14.90 % while return on assets was 5.40 %. The stock’s institutional ownership stands at 93%.