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4 Stocks With Impressive Gross Margins: Simon Property Group (SPG), WEC Energy Group (WEC), Anadarko Petroleum (APC), Angie’s List Inc (ANGI)

Gross Margin is simply the difference between a company’s sales of goods or services and how much it must pay to provide those goods or services. Gross margin is simply the amount of each dollar of sales that a company keeps in the form of gross profit, and it is usually stated in percentage terms. The higher the gross margin, the more of a premium a company charges for its goods or services. Keep in mind that companies in different industries may have vastly different gross margins.

Simon Property Group Inc (NYSE:SPG) has return on equity ratio of 28.40%. The company has $58.01 billion in market worth. Gross Profit margin is maintained at 83.80%. Earnings per share of the company were $4.63 while 311.27 million shares were outstanding. The company earned $1.44 billion in prior twelve months.

WEC Energy Group Inc (NYSE:WEC) has 56.50% institutional ownership while its EPS ratio was 2.54. The company has 315.70 million shares outstanding while market capitalization of the company was $15.17 billion. Price to book ratio was 2.40. Net profit margin of the company was 12.30% while gross profit margin was 83.80%. Stock volatility for the month was booked as 1.80% while for the week was recorded as 1.52%.

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:APC) offered EPS of -$4.63. The stock has market capitalization of $37.00 billion. The company has 2.26 prices to book (P/B) ratio while P/S ratio was 2.48. Shares of the company were below versus 20 days simple moving average with -2.92% while below its SMA 50 with -8.96%. Net Profit margin was -33.60% while gross profit margin was 83.70%.

Angie’s List Inc (NASDAQ:ANGI) has the market capitalization of $243.40 million. The stock has P/S ratio of 0.73 while EPS was $0.10. Institutional ownership of the company was 80.50% while 58.51 million shares were outstanding. Net profit margin of the Company was 1.90% while its gross profit margin was 83.00%. Share of the company moved below its SMA 50 with -31.55%. ROE ratio was -25.10% while ROI was -29.70%.