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4 Stocks Have A Great Track Record in Growing EPS:Laredo Petroleum Inc (LPI), Investors (ISBC), Fossil Group Inc (FOSL), Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (ST)

EPS represents the portion of a company’s profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock. The Net Income, for a quarter, is divided by the total number of shares outstanding during that quarter. The Revenue and EPS Summary page uses Diluted Earnings Per Share (diluted EPS). Diluted EPS factors in possible share dilution from stock options, convertible warrants and preferred stock. Read the full Earnings Per Share definition.

Changes in Revenue and EPS are the single most important factors in the long-term price of a company’s stock. Growing revenues and EPS often lead to appreciation in share price. Savvy investors may compare EPS and Revenue from one year’s quarter to the same quarter in the following year, to compute quarter-to-quarter EPS and Revenue growth. It is also common to compare sequential quarters of EPS and Revenue growth. This data is the heart of the fundamental analysis of a company’s worth.

Laredo Petroleum Inc (NYSE:LPI) has the market capitalization of $2.89 billion and its EPS growth ratio for the past five years was 26.60%. The return on assets ratio of the Company was -2.90% while its return on investment ratio was 1.80%. Price to sales ratio was 3.74 while 59.50% of stock was owned by Institutional investors. The Company earned $-112.80 million in prior twelve months.

Investors Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISBC) offered 36.60% EPS for prior five years. The company has 4.80% return on equity value while its ROI ratio was 12.00%. The company has $4.43 billion market capitalizations and the institutional ownership was 74.70%. Its price to book ratio was 1.21. Volatility of the stock was 1.49% for the week while for the month booked as 1.60%.

Fossil Group Inc (NASDAQ:FOSL) has market capitalization of $2.65 billion. The Company has 48.15 million shares outstanding while EPS in next five years is expected to reach 10.73% while EPS growth in past 5 year was 28.00%. The Company’s price to sale ratio was 0.77 while price to book ratio was 3.21.

Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (NYSE:ST) has market capitalization of $7.76 billion while its P/E ratio was 34.28. The company has the insider ownership of 0.10% while the Beta factor, which is used riskiness of the security, was 1.19. The company’s EPS growth in prior 5 years was 60.60%. In the liquidity ratio analysis; current ratio was 1.70 while debt to equity ratio was 1.96.