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4 High-Profit Margin Stocks: Chambers Street Properties (CSG), CSX Corporation (CSX), Centurylink (CTL), Control4 Corp (CTRL),

The main object of a business concern is to earn profit. In general terms, efficiency in business is measured by profitability. A low profitability may arise due to lack of control over the expenses. Bankers financial institutions and other creditors look at the profitability ratios as an indicator whether or not the firm earns substantially more than it pays interest for the use of borrowed funds and whether the ultimate repayment of their debt appears reasonably certain. Owners are also interested to know the profitability as it indicates the return which they can get on their investments.

Chambers Street Properties (NYSE:CSG) has the market capitalization of $1.68B. The stock has P/B ratio of 1.28while EPS was 0.11. Institutional ownership of the company was 57.60% while 236.86M shares were outstanding. Net profit margin of the Company was 9.20%while its gross profit margin was 72.30%.Share of the company moved above its SMA 50 with 3.74%. ROE ratio was 1.90% while ROI was 0.90%.

CSX Corporation (NYSE:CSX) has return on equity ratio of 17.50%.The company has $ 26.31billion in market worth. Gross Profit margin is maintained at 71.30%.Earnings per share of the company were 2.01while 974.95M shares were outstanding. The company earned $1.99Billion in prior twelve months.

Centurylink Inc (NYSE:CTL) has 76.20%institutional ownership while its EPS ratio was 1.26.The company has 562.98Mshares outstanding while market capitalization of the company was $ 15.88B. Price to book ratio was 1.08. Net profit margin of the company was 4.00%while gross profit margin was 56.20%.Stock volatility for the month was booked as 2.02%while for the week was recorded as 1.90%.

Control4 Corp (NASDAQ:CTRL) has market capitalization of $156.89Mwhile its Price to book ratio was 1.35. The company offered EPS of 0.17 while its 23.99M shares were outstanding. Gross profit margin of the company was 50.40% while its operating profit margin was 3.20%The Company earned $4.50Min prior 12 months. ROE ratio was 3.90% while ROA was 3.20%.